Margie Lukmanto graduated from Petra Christian University in 2005, Gie Architect was founded as a freelance enterprise handling many housing projects. After 13 years, the firm that worked on many entertainment projects influenced the design style and began to tell more stories in each design. In 2020 Griya Ide Kreatif was born with a confident team to work on more complex commercial projects.

Design Philosophy

When it comes to design philosophy, Griya Ide krEatif is not bound by any grand idealisms or specific style inclinations. We prefer to design relevantly, and by being relevant we intend to bridge the gap between all disciplines involved during the design process of a project. What we design is front and foremost, contextual—in such a way that it fulfills all the necessary requirements, it fulfills the clients’ needs, and above all, not impossible to construct. When it comes to aesthetics, we tend to explore and not adhere consistently to any specific architectural style for every project we design. At the end of the day, we want to be the kind of architectural firm that can design anything, for anyone, as long as it is contextual, relevant, and of course, beautiful.


GRIYA IDE krEatif. ‘G - GIE ‘ 2 leaves ( Green) are symbolized 2 ‘G’s They merge / unite / interact/ support . The capital letter ‘G’ and lower-case letter ‘g’ Big G - God - Godly idea wisdom 💡 Small g - gie - *griya *ide kr*Eatif